Our Services

We help companies and organizations to leverage cutting-edge data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques for evidence-based decision making. Our services cover the whole pipeline of data collection, manipulation, analysis, reporting and decision-making.

Visualization and reporting: Using interactive and customizable dashboards to capture the business insights from data of any size or complexity and make it usable for non-technical users.
Strategy development: Development and implementation of AI adoption strategy plan including gradual vision development, step-by-step implementation and maintenance.
Workflow optimization: Optimization of data and process workflow to reduce cost, inefficiency and human error and assure real-time access to actionable insight.
Technology adoption roadmap: Development of a detailed and granular roadmap for acceptance, adoption and utilization of innovative and cutting-edge technologies, including further implementation and maintenance.
KPI selection: Data-driven selection and development of performance indicators for your business and employees to assure unbiased, valid and consistent cross-sectional and time-series comparison.

Customer segmentation: Customer research and detailed analysis of market segmentation providing the key target audiences for business development.
Recommendation systems: Leveraging machine learning to individualize your product recommendations to offer the products the user will most probably be interested in.
Customer action: Using analytics to capture the customer action, e.g. purchase, clickback, donation or exit.
A/B testing: Comparing the impact of one variable, by testing a subject’s response to variat A against variant B.
Preference Analysis: Learn the hidden patterns of tastes and preferences your customers through conjoint analysis.
Lifetime value optimization: Estimating the lifetime value of your customers using the data collected from CRM pipeline.
Sentiment analysis: Analyzing text to extract and quantify subjective information, e.g. impact of specific word combinations in a commercial.

Web scraping: Augmenting your database with automatically collected web data and mine structured insight from the unstructured sources.
Survey design: Creating surveys with the goal of receiving maximum insights with minimum effort from the target audience.
Text analytics: Derive important information from textual data.
Computer vision: Dealing with high variety and volume of data to derive useful information from images and videos.
Storage architecture: Facilitating high-speed data transfer between disks, clusters, and servers.

Recruitment: Leverage machine learning to target and employ the best talent.
Employee performance analysis: Observing the performance of employees over time to learn the factors affecting it and target the ones improving it.
Turnover prediction: Using AI to predict whether an employee is planning to leave the company or not.
Needs assessment: Using best practices to assess the comparative, normative, felt and anticipated needs of your employees and come up with a set of recommendations, as well as training curriculum for addressing those needs.